Olympic Fly Fishers of Edmonds and Port Angeles Enjoy Great Outing

Sister clubs converge on Lone Lake to enjoy a day of fishing and comradery.

Tom Bradish April 19th, 2022

Mission accomplished 

By now you have all heard, on the streets of Edmonds, that the Olympic FlyFishers of Edmonds have captured the joint OFF/OPFF trout trophy. As hosts we got to pick our nearest home water, Lone Lake. Hundreds of hours were spent in pre competition meetings, workouts, reviewing film, scouting the competition, and pre fishing the lake. Out of all that work a clear strategy emerged.

Without revealing all……

Originally, the banter of a steak and lobster lunch was rejected but, it had some merit. We settled on a chili and hotdog lunch (as good hosts) for its value as a midday distraction. As Lefty Kray put it “you can’t hook fish with a bowl of soup in your mitts”. 

Mike, their own club member, provided the knockout punch by bringing his own pressurized keg of home brew.  With the peninsula team disabled, Triple S (Slow Startin Sisson) did his usual come from behind. Over the years we’ve see him lollygag around only to bang out 10 fish in thirty minutes on a chiro mothra soft hackle. And yes....with just 5 minutes to spare, using his beady eyed purple people eater super streamer, the Golden Trout Trophy was awarded to the home team.  Sisson’s 18”er just edged out the competitions 171/2”

Next year OPFFC is the host and it would be ideal to win again, this time on the road.

-if you are interested in pre competition planning for 2023 let us know.

-we could use some technical advice on adhesives to hold apple air tags on pontoon fabric

We have had a request from Washington Fly Fishing Club for a fish-off but informed them we cannot compete in the senior division.

Tom Bradish - Outing Chairperson

Lone Lake Event with OPFFC

Golden Trout Trophy Returns to Edmonds

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