Lake Lenice Outing Report

Camping and fishing under the spectacular Saddle Mountains.

Greg Sisson March 20th, 2022

When it comes to a combination of amazing views, camaraderie, and excellent fishing it’s hard to rival spring camping and fishing at Lake Lenice.  The Saddle Mountains rise up nearly 2,000 ft. from the desert floor to tower over the camp. After setting up camp in the WDFW parking lot also known as “Fisher City”, it’s time to pack or roll your gear the quarter mile to the lake. Four fishers from the club made the trek, myself, Tom Bradish, John Bisset and Bill Scott.  We were joined by friends from Spokane, Walla Walla and the Methow valley.  In total there were eight of us. The weather was the standard “spring in the desert” combination of sun, wind and rain.  Which is one of the main reasons to go for a few days because at least one of those days will be a blow out. Fishing was good and got a little better each day as the water warmed a degree or two. Small black or gray chironomids in size 16 seemed to work best.  The best day was Friday.  The weather was perfect and the fish were biting.  The fish, all rainbows, ranged in size from 12” to 20” with fat, healthy 15” and 16” fish the norm.  They were hanging out in the 10 ft. deep troughs next to the shallow flats.  We set our indicators for 5’ and worked the edges and middle of those areas.  Tom also caught fish using a long leader and chironomid casting to rising fish in the shallow water.  John used a griffins gnat with some success as well.  In the evenings we got together for conversation, a camp fire and to watch NCAA B-ball on our friends satellite TV set up.  Not bad!   

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2022 March Spring Trip to Lenice

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