FLY TYING - Game Changer?

John Wendt, Dave McCutchen with Rolf Mogster!

OFF Education Committee September 17th, 2021

There I am with John Wendt as we were meeting up with Rolf Mogster. I had never met Rolf, but he had tied up some flies for the OFF Fly Swap and wanted to turn them in, so it was a great opportunity. Turns out he is a helluva nice person!

The 3 of us met at Starbuck’s in Shoreline. After we grabbed “a cup”, we sat down outside so that we were more comfortable “unmasking” and covered several topics of discussion.

Then Rolf pulled out the flies he tied for the fly swap and started talking about the hackle that he used and how impressed he was with the colors in the barbs.

Rolf says, “here take a look” and pushes a fly towards John and I. Now I am struggling to find my glasses and then straining to see what he is talking about. Then he pulls at this thing that at first glance I wasn’t sure what it was. It almost looked like a small drone. Rolf then says, “here try these on”.

WHOA, GAME CHANGER! It was glasses with magnifiers and it adjusted every which way, has it’s own LED lights, 5 different magnifiers (easily swapped out), and it can be worn with or with out your regular glasses, it has adjustments everywhere. Then to top it off, I could easily see the color variation he was talking about along with the details of the fly!

Now, we put Rolf on the spot with questions galore:

1. Where did you get this?

2. How much did it cost?

3. How many lenses did you say it had?

4. How many LED lights did you say?

5. Is it comfortable to wear for extended time periods?

6. Etc. Etc. Etc.


Rolf’s answers were:

1. Amazon (should have guessed that)

2. They run from ~$13 to ~$20 on Amazon

3. Five (some brands have fewer)

4. 2 lights - leave them off, one or both on for more illumination

5. Yes, with all the adjustments you can customize the fit


I couldn’t wait to get home and ordered mine up that day for $17.99:

Amazon link

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