Colville Reservation Twin Lakes Omak

An adventure to remember.

Steve Ruppert October 11th, 2023

Once upon a serene fall week, nine enthusiastic members of the Olympic Fly Fishers Club embarked on an unforgettable fishing and camping adventure to the Colville Reservation. Their destination: the picturesque Twin Lakes.

With fishing gear in hand and spirits high, they arrived at Twin Lakes, surrounded by towering pines and pristine waters. Each day, they cast their lines into the crystal-clear waters, reeling in trout, and sharing stories of their remarkable catches around the cabin table.

As the trip neared its end, a daring subset of the group decided to join another group of five to explore further, heading to the legendary Omak Lake in search of the mighty Lahontan trout. Little did they know, this journey would lead them to incredible encounters with nature.

As they trekked along the scenic trails surrounding Omak Lake they stumbled upon a majestic bear, its fur glistening in the dappled sunlight. They watched in awe as the bear went about its business, a safe distance away. Their adventure didn't end there. Soon, they crossed paths with a regal moose. The moose regarded them with curiosity before disappearing into the dense forest. But the most unexpected sight awaited them as they continued to make their way a herd of wild horses grazing freely in the open meadows. The graceful movements of these untamed creatures left the group in sheer wonder.

The first day was blown- out for Omak due to wind, but not to be lost. So , as some headed over to Green Lake for a very successful day while others elected to nap and watch football. The following day, they were all rewarded with many colorful Lahontan cutthroat trout.

Robert omak

And so, In just six short days together, the friends from the Olympic Fly Fishers Club had forged bonds, reeled in almost as many tales as fish, and shared a few days filled with the wonders of nature in the Colville Reservation. The trip was over. But the, making of an experience fishing trip will be remembered by each for a lifetime.

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