Clean Up Edmonds Marsh

Come help clean up the Edmonds Marsh.

Randal White August 14th, 2021

Join fellow OFF members to assist in the cleanup of the Edmonds Marsh. Volunteers are making good progress in restoring freshwater flows into the Edmonds Marsh along Highway 104. Bittersweet nightshade has grown into dense thickets in the fences bordering the highway, blocking water flow into the marsh and preventing fish passage. Led by organizer Joe Scordino, volunteers have been diligently working, and have removed the vegetation and fencing on the east side of the highway. Volunteers were impressed to see that the water from Shellbarger Creek is now actually flowing into the body of the marsh. Work will now commence on the west side. The next volunteer event is scheduled for Saturday, August 14th, from 10 am to noon along the east side of Highway 104, just north of Edmonds City Park. Volunteer events are also planned for next week on Thursday, August 19th, and on Saturday, August 21st. If interested in helping, please contact Joe Scordino (members should remember him from his work with Students Saving Salmon, and their presentations to our club). He can be reached at:

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