Chopaka Outing 2022

Wild weather and late mayflies.

Greg Sisson with photos from Tom Bradish and Ray Spencer June 26th, 2022

The Chopaka trip this year was defined by cool rainy weather and late hatches. We got pounded one afternoon with 1/2" hail. Fortunately it only lasted a few minutes. Fishing was more challenging than usual mainly because of the cool, breezy conditions.  Mayflies came off pretty strong each day from about 2:00 to 4:00 pm.  Damsel nymphs were in the water but not in great numbers yet.  Not many adults flying either.  Chironomids were present and fishers using big number 8 black patterns did well.  There was also a nice ongoing hatch of big caddis.  They had dark olive abdomens and dark grey wings. I decided to spend my time casting to cruising fish in the shallows.  My best fly I call the "Nothing Fly" because it was literally nothing but thread and a few wraps of dark olive pheasant rump feather on a size 14 hook using floating line. Another good fly was the "Six Pack".  It was also olive, with a pheasant tail hackle.  I believe that one effective because it matched the size and color of the caddis nymphs that were around.  It wasn't till the last day that the fish really started getting interested in dry mayfly patterns.  Out of desperation to get out of the wind Tom Bradish, Joe Coakley and I found some calmer water on the east side of the lake.  Around 1:00 the fish were rising steadily for Mayfly duns. Tom put on a big mayfly dry and the fish were all over it.  I followed suit and put on a size 14 grey Comparadun. For the next two hours it was dry fly chaos. Because of the clear water you could see the trout coming for your fly from 6 feet away.  They were in attack mode so it was exciting and really fun.  A couple of fishers went over to Blue Lake where they had a similar late mayfly hatch. Enjoy the photos.

Chopaka 2022

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