OFF Journal

News and updates from around the club.

Chopaka Outing 2022

Wild weather and late mayflies.

Greg Sisson with photos from Tom Bradish and Ray SpencerJune 26th, 2022

Conservation at work.

Olympic fly fishers help release coho fry.

Randle WhiteMay 19th, 2022

We're Making A Difference!

Your Conservation Donations At Work!

Randal WhiteMay 18th, 2022

The Gang at Barbara's

Winthrop Fishing Brings 17 Club Members to the Valley.

Greg SissonMay 5th, 2022

Olympic Fly Fishers of Edmonds and Port Angeles Enjoy Great Outing

Sister clubs converge on Lone Lake to enjoy a day of fishing and comradery.

Tom BradishApril 19th, 2022

Fifty Plus Members Attend April Club Meeting - WOW! Club donates $1,500 to Edmonds Stream Team

David Schorsch and students from Edmonds Woodway and Meadowdale give compelling presentations.

Randal WhiteApril 15th, 2022
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