Phil Rowley - Fishing British Columbia

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Steve Ruppert


23000 lakeview dr


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Phil Rowley will explore the many great British Columbia fishing opportunities. For the past 20 years Phil Rowley has been fly-fishing stillwaters almost exclusively. His love of stillwater fly fishing has taken him all over British Columbia and Washington in the pursuit of trout and char. A former commercial fly tyer Phil has written for almost every major fly fishing publication in North America. His contributions also include books and numerous feature articles on fly-fishing stillwaters and stillwater fly patterns. Phil’s book Fly Patterns For Stillwaters has become a best seller. When he is not tying flies or on the water Phil travels western North America performing at outdoor shows, teaching a variety of seminars, speaking to fly clubs and conducting weekend fly-fishing schools. In addition to Phil’s shows and seminars he has had the good fortune to appear on such T.V. shows as Sport Fishing B.C., The New Fly Fisher and Fishing with Shelly and Courtney. Phil’s website, is dedicated to fly-fishing and fly tying education. 

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