Still Water Dry Fly Fishing

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Still Water Dry Fly Fishing This presentation explores the vast opportunities that lakes offer on a dry fly. It’s packed with insights to the proper bug selections, explosive tactics, exact gearing, and unique strategies. The still photos, videos, and concepts will make this experience come alive!! Still water can be one of the most productive venues on a dry fly...if you know Nate’s secrets!

Nate Brumley is the owner of Dry Fly Innovations and author of two cutting-edge dry fly books: Addicted to the Rise and Winter on a Dry Fly. The only bugs sold at DFI are dry flies, and he’s mastered the use of them in all seasons over all bodies of fresh water. Nate has never sunk a nymph or fished a streamer. His offering is 50 plus years’ experience fishing a dry fly exclusively. His presentations are rich in dry fly technique that include video to connect the concepts. These lectures are some of the most sought-after events in the industry at present and his breadth of knowledge is truly phenomenal. It’s been said that one hour with Nate is like gaining 10 years of dry fly experience. Should you have the opportunity, attend one of his presentations …it will change the way you dry fly fish forever.

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