President’s Message

Greetings OFF Members,

First, I’d like to update you on how the Club is planning to move forward and adjust to the current changes with the Pandemic. As you know, we were hoping that improved numbers with the Pandemic would allow us to have in-person meetings starting in September. Unfortunately, things have gone downhill with the “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” and the highly contagious Delta variant rearing its ugly head, so we will need to delay our in-person meetings.  I recently met with the Executive and Assistant Executive Directors of the Mountlake Terrace Senior Center, Elizabeth and Gloria.  They informed me that, at this time, they are not even allowing large groups to meet indoors. So, at least for now, we will continue with our Zoom meetings for September and probably October as well. We’ll watch for improvement in the numbers and will start in-person meetings as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Our speaker for September is Bob Clouser, developer of the Clouser Minnow; and in October we’ll have Fishing with Ladin. I love watching their show!  They will both be great meetings with these excellent speakers.  I look forward to seeing everyone on Zoom at our next meeting, September 14th.  

On a very positive note, we can all thank Greg Sisson and Mackey Guenther for all their work to complete the upgraded OFF website.  There are several new features that make the site more engaging and interactive. Be sure to take a tour of the site for yourself!  Check out the following new/improved features:

Calendar/Events Page:  This feature has received a nice makeover that allows the user to see a list of events or view them on a calendar.  The detailed view for the event has also been updated.  It's more visually appealing and easy to read up on the details of the upcoming event.  

Education and Conservation Pages:  The new Education page and Conservation pages now have postings of volunteer and learning opportunities as well as feature club achievements and monetary donations.  These new pages pull their content directly from the next feature which is the Journal.

Journal: The new Journal page is a feature that allows us to tell the story of our events and activities (past or upcoming) from across all areas of our club.  Journal posts can be about conservation activities and donations, past outings, education topics. Check out the journal posts from the Chopaka and Kokanee Lake outings complete with a story and photo gallery. 

Membership Application Security: The membership application now has a security feature that eliminates annoying robo generated applications.

Photo Gallery:  Everyone loves pictures.  Now the Photo Gallery feature allows us to create a gallery of photos from club events to share with our members and the public.  The photos open in a viewer that allows super high-quality images.

President's Message:  This new feature allows us to keep a fresh message about club events and accomplishments in front of our members and the community. 

Until next time,

Ed Kellison

President, Olympic Fly Fishers of Edmonds

© Olympic Fly Fishers of Edmonds, 2021.