President’s Message

November President's Message


I want to start this message by thanking all our members for your patience and understanding with the pandemic and the impact it has had on our routine.  Our Club has had to adapt to a completely different format than we were used to, and we’re still hanging in there! The Zoom meetings are no replacement for the social gatherings we had before, but the recordings of the meetings have allowed for more flexibility and I believe they’ve been well received. As more people are able to get vaccinated, and many of us even with boosters, we can only hope for a build-up toward herd immunity and the happy day when we’re able to have in-person meetings again.  I’ve been talking with the Mountlake Terrace Senior Center and they are, once again, open for business. The Club Board will be considering how soon we can start again with regular, in-person meetings (with precautions, of course). We all look forward to seeing each other in person again soon.

We’ve enjoyed some great outings this year, including trips to Winthrop, Dry Falls, Chopaka, and recently to Omak in early October. We've got outings planned for Lone and Pass Lakes in November and December. Greg Sisson has posted some great descriptions and photos to the Google group forum, and to the journal section of our website.  Check it out at  If you head out on a fishing trip, we’d like very much to hear about it. Please share a short summary and include a few photos. You can send them directly to Greg Sisson and he’ll get them posted to the website journal so all can enjoy.

The Club had two positions to fill on the Board for the upcoming year. (Thank you again to Jim Black, Vice President/Speaker Coordinator, and to Katherine Gold, Secretary for their years of service). I’m pleased to report that Vince Portacci has accepted the position of Secretary. Thank you, Vince! However, we still need to fill the position of Vice President/Speaker Coordinator. This is a position that could likely be shared by a couple of members who are willing to help but are concerned about the time commitment.  Sharing the job would lessen the workload quite a bit. If you think you might be interested and would like to talk with me, please reach out at   

Ed Kellison, President

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